The “Life4 Donor Program Card” is a multi function use card personalized to fit your lifestyle. The card will be a representation of your desire to donate any organs or tissues upon your death. In conjunction with this card is a living will specific to organs & tissue only. This two part system of a living will and the Life4 card will be key in allowing your wishes to be understood and effective when that time comes.

The organ card will provide basic info that is documented and helpful in processing medical aid should an emergency require blood type, medical specifics and proper ID to the donor. The card can be personalized to include schools/alumni, sports teams, churches, community groups, political parties, companies, etc.

How it works? The card will be presented to the potential donor in a small functional packet that includes the Life4 Card, the conjoining Life4 Living Will and some information pertaining to organ donation, instructions etc. Depending on where you acquire the Life4 Card (online, store front, etc.), you will be prompted to sign the living will portion of the packet in view of your family or those who might be in charge upon your death (lawyer, trustee, your doctor, family). Sign it and carry the wallet size card for display.

Why do I need to sign a living will & not just the card? As the public becomes more aware of organ transplants and signs their state ID or driver's license cards for their wishes to become donor, the need to keep the intentions know are heightened. The prevailing system today is slightly at fault in that you can sign your ID or Driver's License with all the interest in helping your fellow man, but upon your untimely death, your family could block your desires. If a family member is vehement on not allowing your organs & tissues to be donated, that person can block the whole process. The hospitals & doctors will not put themselves in a situation where they can be sued if they take your organs, if the family says no. The hospital and doctors will always comply with the family, because legally your family controls that decision for you unless you have a specific living will. So we are wanting to incorporate the living will in addition to family awareness so there will be no legal blocks on your intentions.

    What can be donated?
  • Organs :Kidneys, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, and the intestines
  • Tissue: Corneas, the middle ear, skin, heart valves, bone, veins, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments
  • Stem Cells:Bone Marrow, Peripheral Blood Stem Cells, Cord Blood Stem Cells
  • Blood and Platelets:Blood & Platelets